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What Should My Athlete Be Doing in Their Off Time

What Should My Athlete Be Doing in Their Off Time - PSF

Many would claim softball is an all-year-round sport due to winter indoor practices for cold climates, and it can be all year round for warm climates areas. However, whether it’s a rainout or the holiday’s odds are your athletes will have some downtime. We’ve compiled a list of things your athletes should do in their off time!

Drink Water. This is the most important thing we tell players to do when they’re off, especially if the weather is hot. Side tip: Any time a player is drinking water, they should take small drinks, not chugging.

Have Fun. We have to remember there is a balance between school, softball, and social life. It’s easy to make your whole life about softball, but many of these athletes are still kids and need a break to avoid burnout. Let them go to the movies with friends. Trust us; the travel softball world can take girls away from many school and social activities, so they should experience those things when they have time.

Play catch. In long winter breaks from softball, a player’s arm healthy play must catch to keep their arm feeling good. Coming back from a long break without throwing and going immediately into many throws can cause some existing or new pain. This is why many good coaches ease girls back into throwing after holidays.

Rest. Travel softball is on the go, so when players find time to relax, they should take full advantage. If your athlete complained of pain during the regular season, the rest in the off-season might be just what they need for aches and pains.

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