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The Benefits of Competition

The Benefits of Competition - PSF

Good athletes can be built through long practice hours and days of training. However, the best athletes to watch are those who play with everything they have. Throughout the college world series, the emotion displayed by those players is sensational to see. This emotion comes from a strong competitive spirit and a drive to win. Coaches will play the athletes that want to give it everything they have because that player is going to do everything in their power to get on base or strike somebody out.

Incorporating competition into your practices can spark a competitive drive in your team. These can be end-of-practice games or a team scrimmage. Competitions, split into teams, can help build communication and teamwork. Along with building competitive drive, this also practices the aspect of pressure. Practice can be a comfortable space for players to thrive because they may not feel the pressure to perform the way they do on game day. Adding a winning factor to the competition will push players to perform for themselves or their team. The competition will allow players to become used to pressure during game day. Performing under pressure can also build a player’s mental toughness. Embracing failure is a big part of the game. By introducing players to consistent competition, you’re allowing them to fail in a small form. Competition can be as simple as hitting each player a ground ball, and if they miss play it, then they’re out, and you’ll go until there is one winner. Along with what this can do for your team, it’s also an excellent way to keep the game fun.

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