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Powerstrike Fastpitch Blog

4 Tips When Looking for a Hitting Coach

July 29, 2022 | 0 Comments

1. Ask around. Odds are you’re looking for someone in your area, so the best place to start is by asking other parents on your Player’s team.
2. Check softball social media pages for your area. Facebook has so many groups, and it’s likely there’s a page directed towards fastpitch softball in your area. Girls and parents may post about guests playing and looking for teams. We often see hitting/pitching coaches putting themselves out there looking for players if they’re interested.
3. Check credentials. Not all good hitting coaches have to play at the highest level, but it’s good to look at where they got their knowledge from. You can also look at players they’ve formerly taught and players they’re currently teaching to get a feel for the teaching style.
4. Look at rates. For half an hour of hitting, coaches can range from $25 to $ 45 per session. Find a price that best fits you.

Playing with Grit

July 22, 2022 | 0 Comments

Softball is a part of people’s lives for various reasons. Some people play the game for fun, while others may try to play at the highest level they can. Players who choose to play at the highest level will have characteristics that set them apart as competitors. Playing at the competitive level involves a lot of time and work towards the game, requiring those athletes to possess a passion for the game. Along with passion, competitive players may also possess grit. Grit is the persistent effort to achieve one’s goal. There is a saying in softball by Sue Enquist (former UCLA softball head coach) that says, “What I love about the game is that the game doesn’t know who is supposed to win.”, which means that it doesn’t always matter how good the other team is because the team that shows up and gives it their all could beat the odds. Grit is being down 5 runs in the 6th inning and coming back to win. Grit is the stubborn refusal to lay down without a fight.