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Teaching Responsibility and Accountability Through Softball

Teaching Responsibility and Accountability Through Softball - PSF

Sports have the utmost potential to teach youth about real-world lessons. Obvious lessons include working hard to obtain goals and pushing yourself to be the best you can be. However, there are so many teaching moments that come with the sport. Here we’ll discuss how girls can learn responsibility and accountability through softball.

One thing coaches should always teach their players is that it is their responsibility to pick up after themselves whether they’re at home or on the fields. Make sure dugouts are picked up after games regardless of the mess there before. When girls get older through high school and college ball, they are taught that the equipment is used by them, so it is their job to keep track and take care of it. This goes for the team and personal equipment. As girls get older, they will be responsible for getting themselves to and from games, practice, workouts, etc.

Accountability is another big lesson taught through sports. Players have to be held accountable for their actions, and they have to accept them to get better. We’ve all met that player who has an excuse every time they make an error or mess up whether the field has too many rocks on it or maybe the sun was in their eyes. This usually stems from players wanting to be perfect and fearing failure. Athletes should constantly be reminded that failing and learning are acceptable and the key to improving as an athlete. Holding players accountable can start meeting team expectations, such as always being on time or always coming prepared with the right equipment.

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