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Lessons from the Bench

Lessons from the bench - PSF

For many players, the love for the game comes from playing and competing with their teammates. When faced with a competitive environment, they may find less playing time than on their travel teams. Watching others enjoy playing the sport you love can be difficult. It’s tough to grasp not being in a starting lineup when you’ve played the game for so long. Here are some lessons to be learned while sitting on the Bench:

1. Learn the game. Sitting allows you to learn the game and boost your softball I.Q. Many athletes may be playing for a coach with different coaching styles than what they’ve experienced. Sitting while learning the ropes can be a positive thing.
2. Bring energy. A loud dugout is essential in softball. Even if you aren’t making plays out there, your teammates and coaches will appreciate your enthusiasm for the game.
3. Be in the game. Studying the other team while sitting can give you valuable information to help your team succeed. Picking signs or noticing a pitcher’s throwing pattern can benefit the hitters on your team.
4. Have fun. Athletes will come and go through this game, and while it’ll always be there, you won’t, so no matter what your role is, make the best of it and bring positive energy. Moping about sitting on the bench creates negative energy that brings everyone down.
5. Compete. Learn that in softball as well as life, you have to work for what you want. Understand that sitting on the bench pushes you to work hard and be the best version of yourself. Compete for a starting spot and work towards your goal of earning it.

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